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Our qualified massage therapists offer a variety of treatments and styles, including; Remedial, Bowen, Lomi Lomi, and Hot Stones.

Please look at our Massage tab for a full list of massages available. Treatments start from 30 minutes ($45)

Price: $45.00


Top Sellers

Annabel Trends Heat Packs
HERBIE THE LOVE HUG is a hugglable heat pillow with a huge heart. These gorgeous heat packs take the traditional, and turn it into something special.

Price: $25.95

Rituelle Cocoa Butter Vegetable Soaps
Divine soaps blended with vegetable oils and natural plant extracts. With additional cocoa Butter, these soaps will add a super rich creamy lather.

Price: $2.90

Annabel Trends Hot Water Bottle - jolly roger

Gorgeous Annabel Trends Mini Hot Water Bottles. These cute Hot Water Bottles are covered in a knitted cover.



Price: $11.90

Annabel Trends Hot Water Bottle - love heart

Gorgeous Annabel Trends Mini Hot Water Bottles. These cute Hot Water Bottles are covered in a knitted cover.



Price: $11.90

Annabel Trends Halter Aprons
Halter aprons with adjustable neck ties, flattering flirty design.  Great for dinner parties!!  This modern, fun apron, will make cooking time so much fun ! Features 2 front pockets.

Price: $31.00


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Wildings Chilli Jam

A fantastic accompaniment to soft cheeses such as cream cheese or chevre. Chilli Jam can also be used in marinades for meats ans seafood - especially chicken and prawns, and is delicious drizzled over baked potates with sour cream.

Price : $8.50

Wildings Chocolate Drizzled Honeycomb

Delicious after dinner with coffee or crushed and served over vanilla ice-cream. Made with all natural ingredients and Belgium couverture chocolate, it is a decadent end to any evening.

Price : $8.50

Wildings Dukkah - Sesame and Coriander

A superb mix of toasted sesame seeds, coriander seeds and hazelnuts. Pefect for salads, dips or crusts on meat, fish, vegetables and breads.

Price : $4.90

Wildings Fig & Balsamic Paste

A perfect companion for cheese, especially a creamy blue cheese or double brie. Wonderful with ham or turkey and can even be used to stuff chicken breasts with brie then roasted.

Price : $8.50

Wildings Hazelnut and Espresso Nougat

Made from free range eggs, roasted hazelnuts and espresso coffee. Wildings nougat is a very decadent way to end an evening.

Price : $7.90

Wildings Macadamia and Raspberry Nougat

Roasted macadamia nuts, natural raspberry flavour, local Australian honey - great at any time of the day !

Price : $7.90

Wildings Middle Eastern Za'atar

Fantastic marinade/rub for meats, poultry, seafood, vegetables or even bread. Just blend with olive oil and brush on before cooking. Mix with butter as an alternative to garlic bread.

Price : $4.90

Wildings Pistachio and Vanilla Nougat

Bourban Vanilla Extract and toasted pistachio kernels are combined with local Australian honey and free range egg whites for a superb flavour.


Price : $7.90

Wildings Spanish Style

Zesty blend of paprika, orange and herbs perfect for enhancing slow cooked or quick grilled praws, chicken and lamb.

Price : $4.90

Wildings Vanilla Meringues

These delicious meringues are made with local Woodend Free range eggs and French vanilla extract, just like Nana use to make. They are also fat free & gluten free.

Price : $7.90